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Sweet baby girl Candie……her little nose is still turning fully black but over the next couple of weeks, that beautiful black pigment will be fully in….it always does 🙂 Candie is GORGEOUS and like her siblings will be the TALK OF THE TOWN! Her coat of butterscotch and white fur is so rich and I just love running my fingers through it…..she’s loves it more than I do 🙂 Candie will be easily trainable and with our helpful information sheets on training tips, what to purchase, recommended foods and treats along with those to avoid, our medical knowledge that we’ll pass along and oh so much more!….you’ll be well on your way to having the best puppy adoption experience possible! This little DARLING will fill you up with LOVE and JOY for many, many years to come! Candie looks to be 15-18 lbs when fully grown.

If you would like to learn more about Candie, please feel free to email or call today! Don’t forget to check out our “Reviews” page as well as our FB page for great testimonials! Kindly, Grace

"Candie's” Sire comes from FAMOUS CHAMPION Bichon bloodlines as well as his Cavapoo Mother! Nothing but the BEST from Cavapoos R Us!


Our Cavapoo puppy parents are carefully selected for their Champion Bloodlines which will ultimately result in puppies that are exceptionally beautiful, ones that will live longer and healthier lives and have outstanding personalities!!!

What Our Adoptive Families Have To Say:

Hi Grace!

Just wanted to let you know how great Marvin is adjusting to his new home! He has slept through the night every night, loves his food and vitamins that you had him on and is so sweet. We can tell that you had worked hard on starting crate training because he likes his crate. When we open the door to take him out to go the bathroom, he waits for us to say let’s go potty, instead of just running out of the crate, which is great!!!

Thank you so much for all the information you sent us about tons of recommended products, potty training, crate training, and an example of a schedule. As well as still answering all of my questions about Marvin! It shows you really love and care for your puppies that go to their forever homes and that you truly set families up for success with their new puppy! Thanks for everything Grace! We feel incredibly lucky to have Marvin as our family member! With appreciation, Kelsey and Tony

If you would like more information on our current or future puppies, please call 865-805-2942 or email us today from our “Contact Us” page!



What Is A Cavapoochon??

A Cavapoochon is a triple-cross bred breed that combines the most excellent traits of the Cavalier King Charles, the Bichon Frise and the Poodle.

Choosing Between the Cavapoo vs Cavapoochon…how is that even possible!?!

It’s like asking someone to choose between adorable and equally adorable! Endearing and equally as endearing! Lovable and equally as lovable……..you get the picture!! Bottom line….you just can’t go wrong with either one of our Cavapoo or Cavapoochon puppies! When it comes to temperament, longevity, charm, playfulness, sociability, beauty, intellect, ease of trainability and just being an all around great family companion….our Cavapoochons are OUTSTANDING!!

Defining Characteristics of a Cavapoochon:

The Cavapoochon periodically comes in colors that are not as readily available in the Cavapoo breed. The Cavapoochons fluffy coat tends to be slightly more hypo-allergenic, so for those who suffer from severe pet allergies, the Cavapoochon might be your breed of choice. Like the Cavapoo, the Cavapoochons are known to keep their puppy look well into their adult years. So as you can imagine, the Cavapoochon breed is rapidly increasing in popularity as they capture the hearts of everyone that meets them!

Candie's Puppy Pictures